Robotics Club


Always wanted to build a robot?

Want to do competitive robotics?

Since 2007, the Sierra College mechatronics department has hosted a Robotics Club for students that are interested in designing and building actual working robots. Besides being a great learning experience, we have a great time! 

No previous technical knowledge is required. New members typically volunteer to assist more experienced builders and in the process get hands-on experience building robots. 

Our club competes in many categories in local robotics competitions including 1-pound and 3-pound robot combat, autonomous firefighter, one-person electric car racing, high-speed line-follower robots and more. In the past we have competed in 120-pound and 220-pound combat robotic competitions and hope to do so again if the competitions are held again. 

If you have an idea for a great robotics project, or just want to learn about robotics by doing it, we would love to have you join us..


Want to participate? Join us at a regular meeting. You can stop by our lab in Room V-120 to find out our current meeting day and time or contact our faculty advisor at tosladil(at)sierracollege(dot)edu.

(Special thanks to the Sierra College welding and drafting departments for their support and assistance!)

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