Information for Parents



We often have parents ask us if this is a good program for their son or daughter.



If your child has always liked working with their hands, liked taking things apart or has always wondered how things worked, a career in mechatronics could be a great fit for them. Although our program is very technical and challenging, students can do well in our program whether they were great in math and science in school or if academics wasn't exactly their strong suit. Because we are a "hands-on" program, students immediately see the application of the things we just discussed in class. Learning by doing is a welcome relief for many students that don't learn well by just sitting and reading page after page of a book.



Our program prepares students for living-wage jobs in a growing field. Starting salaries for mechatronics graduates range from $30,000 to over $50,000 annually. And these jobs are not going away. Systems like ski-lifts, bottling plants and municipal water-processing equipment can not be shipped overseas to be installed, repaired and maintained. And our graduates are doing that work (see our graduate Shane working at the Roseville water plant in the picture at left). More and more automated systems are being installed every day and industry needs people who understand how to work on them.


For students that are interested in furthering their education, our program can also be a pathway to a bachelor's degree in engineering at any of a number of local universities. We have had students complete their associates degree at Sierra College and then go straight on to a four-year school, while others have finished our program and continued their education while working in industry. Very often employers will even pay for their employees further education!


Finally, a California Community College education is the best education value in the country. At $46 per unit, we have the lowest tuition of any private or public college in the United States. The total tuition for an associate's degree is less than $2,900. Despite the low cost, students enjoy small class sizes, dedicated and highly-skilled professors and a real college environment.


Feel free to contact us for more information or to set up a personal tour of the college and our department.


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