What is mechatronics? Call it Robotics, Industrial Automation, Electro-mechanical Systems, etc., mechatronics is the term used around the world to mean any system that involves electronics, mechanics and computer control. From ATMs and copy machines to medical lab equipment, automated package handling, ski lifts, water processing facilities, industrial robots, food and beverage manufacturing and more, mechatronics describes the automated systems that are more a part of our lives every day.


Sierra College offers both a certificate program and an associate's degree in mechatronics. Local employers are very interested in our mechatronics graduates because with so much of the world being automated, there is a huge demand for people that can install, maintain and upgrade automated systems. Funded by over $900,000 in state and federal grants, our labs allow students to learn on state-of-the-art, industrial-quality equipment. And at $46 per unit, our program is the most affordable technical training available anywhere.


All of our mechatronics classes are offered at Sierra College's main campus in Rocklin. The majority of our mechatronics classes are also offered at our Nevada County and Tahoe-Truckee campuses.


Click on any of the links above (in red) to learn more about our program. You may want to start with the "FAQ" page, since the information there often answers most people's questions about our program. Also, you may want to click on the following link to a video which shows former students and local employers discussing their experiences with our program.



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