California Ski Industry Association



Sierra College mechatronics working in partnership with the CA ski industry.


When the California Ski Industry Association (CSIA) went looking for a partner to teach the foundations of mechatronics to their ski lift technicians, they chose Sierra College. For five years the CSIA and Sierra College have teamed up to offer an exceptional lift maintenance technical training program. Endorsed by the CSIA Board of Directors, the CSIA Technical Committee, and CalOSHA Senior Engineer Jorg Ludwig, the training program offers an introductory, intermediate and advanced level course in Ropeway Mechatronics.





According to Kathy Hubbard, Deputy Director, California Ski Industry Association, Sierra College has worked with the ski industry to develop a very successful mechatronics training program for ski lift technicians. "The ski industry has found an incredible educational partner in Sierra College," said Hubbard.  "From the administration to the trainers who teach our courses, the college has been nothing but first-rate."     









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